How hackers use Hayy to hack Facebook accounts

There are many links that are continuously being posted to Facebook. However, there are instances when these links will lead you to a very odd site if you click on them. How will you know if it really was your friend who posted it or just some hacker? If you need to find out how then read on.

How hackers hack Facebook accounts

Look At The Post Versus The Personality Of The Account Owner
Will you believe it if you see a post from your grandmother in facebook that will lead you and other people who click on it to a porn site? That is just not like her right? Due to the fact of this, it is simply safe to assume that somebody else did it and your grandmother’s account was unknowingly used. These kinds of link will not only lead you pornographic websites but it can also lead you to phishing websites or ask you to install a rogue Facebook application.

The Words Used In The Post Will Sound and Look Distinct
It'll also be beneficial if you check on the language or the words utilized in writing the post. Hackers result from distinct places. The physical location of the victims of the hacker does not matter at all. If they're able to hacking an account from another part of the globe then they could undoubtedly take on accounts inside their country. However, services such as Hayy can be used to proxify the hacking process to seem like it's coming from the account's country. This makes Facebook hacking universal. Unfamiliarity with the native language of the user is extremely possible. Checking this out can help you find out if the your friend's facebook account has been compromised.

Looking for hacked Facebook messages

Unusual Message Content
If you see a post that asks for money or personal information, you should immediately consider this as an unusual content. You need to verify first if it is really your friend or perhaps your loved one who is in need and not just some hacker who wants to get their hands on your money or get your personal information. You can do this by talking to them personally or over the mobile phone. Remember, Hackers will make up stories just to get what they want. Do not be fooled. If are having a hard time reaching your friend, then you better send them a message. Keep in mind that people who are using a Facebook hack will be able to reply in a realistic manner so this is by no means a bulletproof method. You can verify their identity even by sending a text if you include a personal question that they must answer.

Never EVER ignore the link format
Simple posting on Facebook is achieved using the services of services are normally utilized by hackers to deceive their victim in clicking their posted link.

Is The Post Public or private?
Uncommon posts are in most cases published. If it will show up on the walls of all of the user's friends then it's similar to a virus. Your common friends may even be victimized. Worse of all, it'll spread like wild fire if your common friends' account may also be hacked and if your friends' friends will click on the link.