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  1. How to find out if your Facebook account has been hacked

    How to find out that your Facebook account has been hacked

    Did your grandmother just post a Facebook link to an unusual site? Maybe it truly is your friend, but chances are it's probably a hacker who hacked his Facebook account. In order to learn how to differentiate a legit post from a post made by a compromised account, then you better read on.

    1. Check The Post To See If It Is Line With The Person's Character

    I am going to go out on a limb and claim that grandmas normally have no desire to send porn links to their closest family and friends. When you know the person posting it adequately, then you'll know that it isn't her and someone else might be doing it. A large number of links will lead you to a website which is used by hackers and other online wrongdoers.

    2. Use The Language Used As Your Clue

    The words being used in the post should be checked and this is one tip that you should always remember. Hackers aren't that smart, sometimes the slip with regards to the words that they use. You may use those words and check if that's how your friend or the user of the account posts on facebook. You can use this tip to detect if the account has been compromised simply because hackers aren't used to the slang words used specially if they're hacking an account from a different region or country.

    3. Asking For Money and Personal Info

    facebook mobile hackHackers commonly ask for money or personal information. Check the content of the post. Confirming their identity is essential. If they need your money, they'll surely find several ways for you to give it to them. If it's your money they're after, they'll be making all sorts of stories just to convince you that they really need the money or the information. So, what is the proper way of dealing with it? Talk to them immediately by phone or in person. Go ahead and help them if it is indeed true. If you're unable to talk to them, then the next thing to do is to send them a message with questions that the real user can answer. This will help uncover the truth.

    4. What Should You Do If The Link Seems Suspicious

    facebook privacy allows hackers to get access to your accountOne trait of hackers is that they are pretty smart at what they do. They've ways to make their links undetected and not seen as a malicious link. They make this possible through Bit.ly.. This site can shorten links that is pasted on the site. Hiding the link has never been this simple due to this service and hackers just need to post the shortened links and it'll not be seen as malicious.

    5. Check If The Post Has Been Publicly Shared

    You must start suspecting that the account is hacked if everyone can see the post. Hackers do this by taking benefit of the “Allow Friends To Post On My Wall” privacy option in Facebook. Through this, they can spread their malicious link by posting it to several walls in Facebook. It can even be shared further once the friends of your mutual friends share the link on their walls too.

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